01. Pressure Vessel Specifications (2017)DomesticCalgary, ABPengrowth Energy Corp.
02. Pipeline Projects (2017)DomesticLaprise Creek, BCPolar Star Canadian Oil and Gas Inc.
03. Flare System Revamp (2017)DomesticFort Nelson, BCConfidential (90)
04. Well Pad Equipment Projects (2017)DomesticFort St John, BCPainted Pony Energy Ltd.
05. Pipeline Projects (2017)DomesticDawson Creek, BCConfidential (97)
06. Specifications Review (2017)DomesticCalgary, ABConfidential (92)
07. Commissioning Support (2017)DomesticFort St John, BCConfidential (90)
08. Pipeline Network Modeling (2017)DomesticIrricana, ABPengrowth Energy Corp.
09. Pipeline Network Modeling (2017)DomesticMontney Field, BCPengrowth Energy Corp.
10. Water Offloading Facility (2017)DomesticEdson, ABConfidential (94)
11. Pipeline Replacement (2017)DomesticJudy Creek, ABPengrowth Energy Corp.
12. Triple Well Tie-In Program (2016)DomesticEdson, ABConfidential (94)
13. Dual 12” Pipelines (2016-2017)DomesticFort Saint John, BCPainted Pony Energy Ltd.
14. Tank Replacements (2016-2017)DomesticJudy Creek, ABPengrowth Energy Corp.
15. Garrington Pipeline Installation (2015)DomesticGarrington, ABPengrowth Energy Corp.
16. Garrington Glycol Dehy Installation (2015)DomesticGarrington, ABPengrowth Energy Corp.
17. Custom Flow Splitter (2015)DomesticSouthern ABPengrowth Energy Corp.
18. Carson Creek Tank Installation (2015-2016)DomesticWhitecourt, ABPengrowth Energy Corp.
19. Compressor Station Upgrade (2015-2016)DomesticAlbertaConfidential (94)
20. Well Tie-In Projects (2015-2016)DomesticCentral AlbertaConfidential (94)
21. Field Development Projects (2014)DomesticZama Lake, ABCabot Energy
22. Fox Creek Brownfield Upgrades (2014)DomesticFox Creek, ABConfidential (92)
23. Fugitive Emission Evaluation (2014-2017)DomesticSwan Hills, ABPengrowth Energy Corp.
24. Booster Pump Installation (2013)DomesticJudy Creek, ABPengrowth Energy Corp.
25. Gas Pipeline Replacement (2013)DomesticSwan Hills, ABPengrowth Energy Corp.
26. Water Injection Facility & Pipeline (2013)DomesticJudy Creek, ABPengrowth Energy Corp.
27. Field Development Projects (2013-2017)DomesticFort St John, BCPainted Pony Energy Ltd.
28. Cache 3-24 Satellite and Tie-In (2012)DomesticFort St John, BCConfidential (4)
29. FSJ and Cordova Vent Studies (2012)DomesticFort St John, BCConfidential (58)
30. TEG Contactor Equipment Upgrade (2012)DomesticSwan Hills, ABPengrowth Energy Corp.
31. Field Development Programs (2012-2014)DomesticFort St John, BCConfidential (4)
32. Field Development Projects (2011-2014)DomesticPaddle River, ABConfidential (56)
32. Field Development Projects (2011-2014)DomesticPaddle River, ABConfidential (32)