Acero has developed relationships with numerous international and domestic vendors since its inception in 2006. The Third Party companies that are used by Acero are versatile and are familiar with fast-tracked projects, high quality requirements requested by Acero clients, and variable working environments that can be encountered in Acero’s domestic and international projects.

Through it’s extensive procurement experience, Acero has created a database of trusted vendors in Canada and around the globe.

Acero’s experience in Procurement is not limited merely to sourcing the items, but also to government and shipping regulations and to the transportation logistics required on some projects. Acero is committed to a quality system that ensures that all of the equipment arrives on site, on time, and in working order. For previous projects, Acero has sourced equipment from around the world and explored options which included hiring an Antanov cargo plane, for example, to ensure faster transportation of a Heater Treater from Calgary to Iraq, at a client’s request.

Examples of Acero’s Procurement services include:

  • Technical & Commercial Specifications
  • Bidding & Evaluations
  • Purchase Orders & Contracts
  • Expediting
  • Source Inspection & Surveillance
  • Vendor Data Control
  • Transportation, Warehouse, and Logistics